Corporate Events

With over 25 years experience working for large multi-national organisations – Coca-Cola in the Middle East and then Balfour Beatty Plc – I know what corporate events should ‘look like’. I know the difference between a good event and an amazing event.

Fun-Key Functions are focussed on delivering the customer requirements using excellent planning and organisational skills. Covering everything from the onset; sourcing the venue, designing and distributing the invitations, booking the speakers/actors/musicians/accommodation/travel arrangements through to execution on the day itself and ensuring things run smoothly until the last guest has left.

Whether it’s a team building event in a forest or an awards ceremony at a swanky hotel in London – events can be arranged anywhere in the world and I’d be happy to discuss these options with you.

Please feel free to read some of the testimonials from previous clients whose events I have organised.

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